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Facility Use / PAC Rental

To begin the process of requesting a facility within SLVUSD, you are required to contact the Facilities Coordinator of the facility that you are interested in using.
For facilities located at:
   Boulder Creek Elementary School, please contact:  831-338-6413 Ext. 501
   SLV Elementary School, please contact:  831-335-4475 Ext. 401
   SLV Middle School, please contact:  831-335-4452 Ext. 301
   SLV High School, please contact:  831-335-4425 Ext. 216
   SLV Charter, please contact: 831-335-0932 Ext. 601
   Redwood Campus, please contact:  831-336-9672 Ext. 111
Please refer to the Facility Use Handbook for further instructions. (below)
To rent the Performing Arts Center (pictured below), please refer to the PAC Rental Agreement. (below
A Facility Use Request Form is also provided below.
For availability, please refer to the calendar located at the bottom of this page.