Student Agreement for Technology Use


Dear Parent/Guardian,


Agreement for Technology Use - TK-5

Agreement for Technology Use - 6-12


San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District’s mission is to provide an excellent education for all students. To achieve this, we capitalize upon a unique partnership among teachers, support staff, parents, and community and create powerful learning opportunities that challenge all students to meet the District’s standards of excellence, become ethical leaders in school and community, and make positive contributions to a diverse and changing world.

As the world changes, access to a technological suite of tools is consistently utilized to promote literacy, encourage critical thinking, as well as obtain the collaboration skills required of a future-ready learner. This infusion of technology is shifting the way teachers teach and students learn. Supporting the diverse learning needs of our students is recognized as a key element to students achieving academic success. The effective use of technology is an integral part of this. It should help to build depth in learning in a manner that all students can access. As students learn to use these tools effectively and ethically, and as they are exposed to a variety of inquiry-based activities, guided by their teachers, they then become prepared with the skills and knowledge to make positive contributions to the world.

To assist students with these skills, SLVUSD has equipped each student with a G Suite for Education account where students have access to safe and secure online accounts that are compliant to all federal privacy laws. These accounts provide students access to the following significant tools:

  • Email communication tool - ability to communicate with teachers and peers
  • Office Productivity (Word processing, spreadsheets, multimedia presentations, and drawing)
  • Calendar
  • Websites and Digital Portfolios
  •  Online assignment submission
  • Adopted online content for textbooks
  •  Automation tools such as collaborative bookmarking of research

These core applications allow for accessibility in school, at home, at the library, and anywhere else there is Internet access. Students may also be asked to utilize their secure SLVUSD Google Apps for Education account for instructional and appropriate single-sign-on access to 3rd-party applications. Student accounts can be monitored and accessed by administrators at any time. Administration and teachers also have access to monitor their online files, websites, and emails. We encourage you to talk to your children about effective online behavior citizenship as well as the applications they are currently using in their classes.

San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District community works to ensure technology is vetted and meets standards aligned to the following laws with the ultimate goal of keeping students safe:

  •     The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
  •     Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)
  •     Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA)
  •     Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA)
  •     Student Online Personal Information Protection Act (SOPIPA)
  •     AB1584

Learn more about Federal student privacy laws and/or California specific student privacy.

With all the content filters, laws, and safeguards in place, the District cannot guarantee that students will not access inappropriate materials either accidentally or due to misuse. San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District recommends initiating conversations with your student in regards to all aspects of technology and digital information including:

  •     Internet Safety
  •     Digital Footprint & Reputation
  •     Privacy & Security
  •     Self-image & Identity
  •     Relationships & Communication
  •     Information Literacy
  •     Cyber-bullying
  •     Creative Credit & Copyright

Common Sense Media provides many resources, tips, guides, media reviews, and research related to students’ technology use and access to media. We encourage you to peruse the site.

The partnership between parents, students, and teachers is vital in supporting an environment of rich learning experiences. Therefore, we ask that you read the Agreement for Technology Use together with your student. You will be asked to mark off that you and your student will follow the rules on your registration form.