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This Board Briefing represents the Board Meeting of
August 17, 2022


At the regularly scheduled Board Meeting of Wednesday, August 17, 2022, the SLVUSD Board of Trustees met regarding the following AGENDA.

All Agendas, Packets, and Board Approved Meeting Minutes may be accessed HERE.

Other highlights from these meetings are showcased below.
Mr. Calden, SLVHS Principal, began his report by saying that the Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) were previously referred to as Expected Student Learning Results (ESLRs). During the 2022 WASC Visit, the WASC Team shared out the Report which included the following Critical Needs Area Recommendation #5:  to increase the ways in which students are exposed to and interact with the Student Learning Objectives.

The SLVHS Departments worked on an activity called the “Graduate Profile” which was intended to identify - "what do we want our students to know, be, and be able to do, in order to prepare them to thrive in their lives and careers?" Upon completion of this activity, Mr. Calden reviewed each Department’s Graduate Profile to find the commonalities. After refining the commonalities into 16 words (slide #3), the Departments met again to connect the words to the previous ESLRs that were in place at the time. The ESLRs went from six areas to three areas as the SLVHS Team transitioned the ESLRs into the SLOs. The three groups of the newly created SLOs are as follows:  1 - Well-rounded individuals and community contributors, 2 - Effective communicators and collaborative workers, and 3 – Quality producers and complex thinkers.
High school staff made the recommendation to make one SLO group a focus per season; fall, winter, and spring. The first focus area is SLO #1: Well-rounded individuals and community contributors; acts as a caretaker of the environment. This SLO was chosen in large part due to the new trash cans on the SLVHS campus.

Posters were made of the SLOs and are posted throughout the classrooms and campus. During the first two days, teachers reviewed the expectations, which included the SLOs, as well as the Administrators visited classes during the second week of school to reinforce the expectations and SLOs message. Counselors are also re-emphasizing the SLOs when they meet with students and teachers are incorporating the SLOs into assignments and projects. Lastly, the Senior Capstone Project, which is a graduation requirement, will have the SLOs as the main focus of the high school summative assignment.

The SLVHS SLOs REPORT is available HERE.
Ms. McRae, Assistant Superintendent-Instruction, reported that the Professional Development focus is on Literacy, Math, and Science for the Elementary schools. During the August 9th Professional Development day, the sessions were as follows:  FOSS Science, K2 Phonics or Workshop, Math, and Grade Level Scope and Sequence.

The focus areas for Secondary are Environmental Literacy, Formative Assessment, and Literacy. The August 9th Professional Development day consisted of the following sessions:  Environmental Literacy, Formative Assessment, Scope and Sequence, and Department Planning.

Administration will now use the teacher feedback to plan the October 14th Professional Development. There will be a continued focus on the District LCAP goals and the site action plans.

Ms. McRae acknowledged and gave appreciation for the work of the grade level leads, department chairs, TOSAs, County Office presenters, and the Principals.

The Professional Development presentation is available HERE.
Mr. Lucia, Assistant Superintendent-Human Resources, reported that currently the District employs 281 people, which is not to be confused with FTE, and the breakdown of staff was shared.

Newly hired Certificated staff total 29 with three positions remaining open, which are Computer Science Teacher, Program Specialist, and TK-12 Math Specialist.

Newly hired Classified staff total 13 with twelve positions remaining open.

Once all of the positions are filled, the newly hired staff will equate to 19.25% of the District staff.

The District continues to recruit using EdJoin, the local DMVs, and Job Fairs held at the Santa Cruz County Office of Education. The District continues to partnership with local universities such as UCSC, CSUMB, and CA Teach. We currently have six student teachers from UCSC, CSUMB, and WGU.

The Staffing Update Presentation is available HERE.

Mr. Schiermeyer, Superintendent, reported that he is excited about the school year as he has been visiting all of the sites and classrooms where starting Day #1 there is a focus on each other, support, and a culture of caring. The RISE UP theme was referenced as he spoke of the first few days of school as he observed great classroom environments and was amazed at what was happening as he visited each school site.

He then reviewed the LCAP Goals of Math, Literacy, SEL, and Environmental Literacy and spoke briefly in regards to each.

District Administration has restructured the AdCo Meetings to allow for site administrators to work on their site Action Plans once per month. All sites will be focused on academics and socio-emotional learning. The elementary schools will also have a focus on team building, while the secondary schools will also have a focus on grading and Schoology agreements.

Mr. Schiermeyer shared the signs and posters that he saw while out on school site visits in regards to what it means to be a BCE Bear, SLVE Bobcat, SLVMS Panther, SLVHS Cougar and SLV Charter student; what it means to be SLV Strong and part of the SLV community. He stated that the vibe feels positive and he is witnessing pride in schools and a sense of SLV culture.

The District is focused on Equity as the District Administrative Team share in professional reading. Last year, the team read Shattering Inequities, and this year the team will be reading Culturally Responsive Teaching & the Brain as they work with Melissa Roberts from the Santa Cruz County Office of Education.

The Back-To-School Nights were referenced and an invitation was extended to the Board of Trustees to attend these events.

Mr. Schiermeyer introduced Ms. Lust, Transportation Specialist, and spoke to the need for more Bus Drivers. He reported that we are seeking bus drivers through Michael’s Transportation and have had a few people interested to applying. The District Office staff are assisting to drive the white vans, and the Director of MOT and the Superintendent are looking into getting their bus licenses in order to provide coverage when needed.

He reviewed the COVID protocols and we continue to give home test kits out to our staff and families.  Families are appreciating a more normal feel to the start of this school year and continue to report positive tests for their students to their school sites. Administration has met with the front offices and Health Techs to ensure that everyone is on the same page as far as protocol and expectations.

Mr. Schiermeyer reported that he has created SLVUSD Instagram and Twitter accounts. He is brand new at using social media so he asked for some grace as he gets these alternate forms of communication up and running.

The Superintendent's Update presentation is available HERE.
Contract for SLVMS Campus Renovation
The contract is with Ausonio, Inc. for $9.1 million with a $377K District contingency and includes an 8% Contractor contingency, bringing the total to $9.5 million.

Ausonio, Inc. are the contractors working on the CTE buildings and the Transformer work at the middle school.

The scope of work includes the renovation of buildings A, B, E, F, and G, complete fire alarm upgrade of buildings A-G, and small building additions and new covered walkway additions to buildings A and B. A couple of renderings are shown below.

The project will begin September 2022.
Change Order Approval for Quail Hollow Field Renovation
The original contract was approved by the Board on August 3, 2022. While performing the site work, a need to provide proper drainage arose requiring a change order to the original scope of work indicated in the plans. This change order should not exceed $50K.

Some recent photos of the Quail Hollow field are provided below. The estimated completion of the field is the end of October 2022.


SLV has part-time or full-time work. We have several job openings. You can explore SLVUSD job opportunities at www.edjoin.org/slvusd.

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