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The Board Briefing is intended to highlight Board actions that may be of interest to the general public.

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This Board Briefing represents the Board Meeting of
November 17, 2021.


At the regularly scheduled Board Meeting of Wednesday, November 17, 2021, the SLVUSD Board of Trustees met regarding the following AGENDA.

The Board Meeting Minutes from the October 20th Board Meeting were approved by the Board and can be accessed by clicking the appropriate link below:

October 20, 2021 - Regular

Other highlights from these meetings are showcased below.

Mr. David Sturtz of Cooperative Strategies reported the results of the analysis that was conducted for the San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District Trustee Areas to determine population balance in accordance with Education Code Section 5019.5(a).
The legal presumption for compliance with the population balance requirement is less than 10% variance of total population between the most populated trustee area and the least populated trustee area.
Based on the 2020 US Census data, it has been determined that SLVUSD's current Trustee Areas will need to be adjusted to be in compliance. 
Cooperative Strategies will present initial scenarios for the adjusted voting areas at the December 15th Board Meeting. 
You may view the Cooperative Strategies presentation HERE.


Mr. Schiermeyer, Superintendent, presented the results from the ThoughtExchange Survey.
The ThoughtExchange question read as follows:  "What are the most important priorities our District needs to consider in order to support student educational needs over the next two years?"
There were 167 participants, 174 thoughts, and 2,130 ratings of thought exchanges.
The District is eager to receive parent feedback and will be strategizing ways to increase parent participation for future surveys.
You may view the presentation which presents each school site's main themes / priorities HERE.


During the Superintendent's Report, Mr. Lucia, Chief Human Resource Officer, presented the work done by the Admin Team for Chapter 3 - When Adult Behavior Poses Equity Challenges.
A summary of the chapter was provided as well as the introduction of the "trilogy of leadership" as follows:  Leadership Maturity, Leadership Responsiveness, and Leadership Grace.
Initially, the Admin Team reflected on their own strengths and areas of growth within the larger group. Each team member then shared their "own story" in a smaller group setting. The team brought their reflections that were based on specific quotes within Chapter 3 to the next Admin meeting for sharing. In sharing their reflections, they learned from one another in ways to improve their own leadership abilities.

"Shattering Inequities"

The Book that SLV Administration is Reading Together
Ms. McRae, Chief Academic Officer provided the Professional Development (PD) Day update. She shared the various focus areas for each school site, as well as feedback from the staff in regards to each area.
The teacher feedback will be used to build the next PD Day agenda. Unfinished Learning will continue to be a focus area and elementary re-engagement will be expanded.
You may access the Professional Development Day Update presentation HERE.
Ms. Lahey, Chief Special Education / Student Services Officer, shared a general overview of the Special Education services provided in SLVUSD.
Students ages three to twenty-two are served. Most of these students are eligible under the following primary categories:  Specific Learning Disability (SLD), Speech & Language Impaired (SLI), Other Health Impaired (OHI), Autism (Aut), and Emotional Disturbance (ED).
The 2021-22 challenges and successes were also reviewed.
You may view the Special Education Annual Report HERE.

2021-22 Additional Board Meeting Dates
The Board approved two additional Board Meeting dates to be added to the 2021-22 Board Meeting Schedule. They are:

     February 16, 2022
     May 18, 2022

You may access the Board Meeting Schedule HERE.
The following projects were approved by the Board:

Maintenance and Ludlow Access Road
The current single lane road that runs behind the high school fields to Maintenance and Ludlow is in need of repair. Originally designed for sporadic traffic, it is now a path of constant travel. When the road repairs ensue, the road will be widened from a single lane to a two lane roadway.

Replacement of SLVE Kindergarten Playground Safety Mat
The current interlocking mat squares are coming apart and creating gaps. The current squares will be removed and replaced with a poured in place rubber mat.


SLV has part-time or full-time work. We have several job openings. You can explore SLVUSD job opportunities at www.edjoin.org/slvusd.

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Please be aware that the Board of Trustees can add Special Board Meetings and / or Board Workshops as needed. If this occurs, the agenda would be posted in accordance with the Brown Act requirements.
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The San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District Board of Trustees sets policy for the operation of the District and is responsible for the following general duties:
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