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This Board Briefing represents the Board Meeting of
March 15, 2023


At the regularly scheduled Board Meeting of Wednesday, March 1, 2023, the SLVUSD Board of Trustees met regarding the following AGENDA.

All Agendas, Packets, and Board Approved Meeting Minutes may be accessed HERE.

Other highlights from this meeting are showcased below.

Ms. Lahey, Assistant Superintendent-SpEd / Student Services, nominated Ms. Elizabeth Marzili for the “We Are SLV” Award. The nomination form read as follows:
“SLVUSD is proud to honor BCE parent Elizabeth Marzili’s involvement and leadership on the Community Advisory Committee (CAC) of the North Santa Cruz County SELPA. Elizabeth serves as the Chair of the Committee for 2022-23. The CAC is an advisory body comprised of volunteer parents, educators, and other interested community members who want to make a difference in the education of children. The CAC assists in parent and community education and in recruiting volunteers to support activities on behalf of individuals with disabilities. Additionally, Elizabeth is Co-President of the BCE Parent Club. Thank you Elizabeth!”
Ms. Lahey introduced Ms. Marzili by saying it was both an honor and a privilege to recognize her for her involvement in the CAC. She thanked Elizabeth for her support to our students, her commitment to monthly meetings for the CAC, and her strong connection to the SELPA. She shared that Ms. Jessica Little, SELPA Director, speaks very highly of Ms. Marzili.
Ms. Elizabeth Marzili you go “Above and Beyond” in support of SLV students and we say “Thank you!”
From Left to Right:  Ms. Newsom Kerr, Clerk, Ms. Levine, Trustee, Mr. Becker, Board President, Ms. Marzili, BCE Parent, Ms. Pollak, Trustee, Ms. Rice, Trustee, Mr. Schiermeyer, Superintendent, and Ms. Lahey, Assistant Superintendent-SpEd / Student Services

Mr. Schiermeyer, Superintendent, reported in regards to the following:

Friday, March 17, 2023 is a scheduled Professional Development Day – the Board received a copy of the PD schedule. He will be attending a Counseling Symposium at Twin Lakes Church on this same day also.
He attended the play, Legally Blonde, with his daughter. The play was very well done and so proud of our students and staff in putting on such an outstanding performance.
He reminded the Board of the upcoming Board Retreat on Saturday, April 22, 2023.
He announced the release of the 2023 Parent / Guardian Surveys. There is a little competition going to see which school will receive the highest participation. The feedback that is received will assist District Administration in creating the themes / focus areas for the 2023-2024 school year. He reported that he held the last LCAP meeting with the SLV Charter staff.
He is also attending Legislative Action Week with Mr. Becker. Today he met with John Laird, District 17 Senate Representative, and tomorrow he will meet with Gail Pellerin, 28th District Assembly member.
Mr. Schiermeyer, Superintendent, introduced Ms. Jen Lahey, Assistant Superintendent-SpEd/Student Services, to present the data from the California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS).
The CHKS is given to 5th, 7th, 9th, and 11th grade students every other year. The data that is received from the CHKS is used in the development of the LCAP and school plans. There are three basic themes being reported on tonight; Connections, Academics, and Safety.
The Connections area contained questions around school connectedness, caring relationships, and parent involvement.
The Academics area contained questions around high expectations, academic motivation, finish work/try hard, and meaningful participation.
The Safety area contained questions around school safety, weapons, cyberbullying, Alcohol and/or Drug Use, (for elementary only – fairness, anti-bullying climate, positive behavior, and rule clarity), and (for secondary only – chronic sadness, suicidal, socio-emotional distress, life satisfaction, and optimism).
Lastly, there were questions related to facilities, breakfast, and bedtime.
The school sites will receive individual reports. The data will be shared with staff to provide feedback and develop strategies to prevent youth-related risk behaviors and other barriers to academic success.
The presentation of the California Healthy Kids Survey is available HERE.

When the going gets tough, the SLV Community rallies and comes together in support of SLVUSD. This past Tuesday was quite a day with the extreme winds, rains, downed trees and power lines, and yet this community came together to make students getting safely home a priority.

SLVUSD would like to give a "Shout Out" to...

students for remaining calm and patient,
parents for doing all of the right things to ensure their children were safely accounted for,
staff for taking care of our students with reassurances, snacks, and activities,
County Superintendent, Faris Sabbah, for ongoing support,
Felton Round Table Pizza for making delicious pizzas for our hungry tri-campus students,
our local
Sheriff's Department for all of their support and for escorting our student vans with children from the tri-campus to Boulder Creek through the "closed" road areas,
Boulder Creek Fire Department for their communication and support,
Boulder Creek Wild Roots, for making many yummy sandwiches for our hungry Boulder Creek students, and
Boulder Creek Parks and Recreation Department, for being on standby for our Boulder Creek students with a warm building and a place to lay their heads, if needed.

You know the saying, "It Takes a Village"... SLVUSD is extremely grateful for the continued unwavering support of our SLV Community "Village". These two words hardly seem enough, that said, SLVUSD extends a deeply heartfelt...


The Second Interim Report reflects January 31, 2023 year-to-date and projected fiscal data for all funds of the District. Included is the three year projection and assumptions used for these projections. The District will be able to meet its financial obligations for the current and two subsequent fiscal years.

Ms. McCarthy, Assistant Superintendent-Business, presented the following financial information:  Unrestricted and Restricted General Fund 01 highlights reflecting changes, impacts to revenue and expense, current year cash projections, multi-year assumptions and projections for 23/24 and 24/25, Charter Fund 09, and an overview of “Other” Funds, such as Cafeteria, Instructional Program, Bond, Capital Facilities, County Schools Facilities, and Special Reserves.

The District will file a positive certification demonstrating that the District meets its financial obligations, all funds will end with positive fund balances, and all funds will end with positive cash balances.

The Business Office will continue to monitor expenses and make adjustments and include May Revise details for the 2023-2024 Adopted Budget. The LCAP will be finished and the expenditures will be tied to the activities/ programs for 2023-2024 Adopted Budget. The Adopted Budget will be brought to the Board at the June 7, 2023 Board Meeting, along with the Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP).

Ms. McCarthy gave special thanks to Ms. Seymour, Director of Fiscal Services, and Ms. Peterson, Accountant, and the rest of the Business Office for their work on the District budget.

The Board asked clarifying questions regarding the State’s delayed payment option for property taxes and if the current banking issues will have an impact on the district which was responded to by Mr. Schiermeyer, Superintendent.

The extension to October 16th to pay property taxes will unfortunately impact the District with delayed financial information which in turn could impact our negotiations with our unions due to the uncertainties of the finances.

The Board asked if the current banking issues would have an impact on the District. Mr. Schiermeyer responded that there should be no negative impact other than to our Basic Aid Supplemental funding.

The 2022-23 Second Interim Financial Report is available HERE.
Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) must operate the Expanded Learning Opportunities Program pursuant to the requirements in California Education Code Section 46120, including the development of a program plan. The program plan needs to be approved by the LEA Governing Board during a public meeting and posted on the LEA’s website.

Ms. McRae, Assistant Superintendent-Instruction, reported that the District is required to submit a plan of how we are planning to spend these funds. A pilot of the program will begin April 17th for six weeks. There are currently twenty staff members interested for the two time slots being offered within the ELOP Program.

The first time block will be like an extended recess and will also offer homework time. The second time block will be enrichment classes, such as ukulele, basket-weaving, makerspace, drama, etc.

The District is required to offer these extended times to our unduplicated student population first.

Information will be sent out to all of our families inquiring of the interest for this program next week.


SLV has part-time or full-time work. We have several job openings. You can explore SLVUSD job opportunities at www.edjoin.org/slvusd.

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Please be aware that the Board of Trustees can add Special Board Meetings and / or Board Workshops as needed. If this occurs, the agenda would be posted in accordance with the Brown Act requirements.
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