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This Board Briefing represents the Board Meetings of
October 4, 2023

October 18, 2023


At the regularly scheduled Board Meeting of Wednesday, October 4, 2023, the SLVUSD Board of Trustees met regarding the following AGENDA.

At the regularly scheduled Board Meeting of Wednesday, October 18, 2023, the SLVUSD Board of Trustees met regarding the following AGENDA.

All Agendas, Packets, and Board Approved Meeting Minutes may be accessed HERE.

Other highlights from this meeting are showcased below.
The Board of Trustees, Superintendent, Ms. le Roux, Ms. Burgess, and the wonderful SLV Charter School students that presented.
Ms. le Roux, SLV Charter School Principal, provided introductions of the students and Ms. Melanie Burgess. The students present were Evelynn Humphreys – TK, Amelia Sniffin – 5th Grade, Bella Mangrum – 8th Grade, Alice Cunningham – 7th Grade, Jack Humphreys – 7th Grade, and Jacob Cunningham – 10th Grade. Ms. Burgess reported that the SLV Charter School operates three garden areas, one is the Learning Garden (TK-5th) located behind the MP Room, one is the Tea Garden (6th-8th) located near the Basketball Court, and one is the Coast Redwood High School (CRHS) Environmental Horticulture Food Garden (9th-12th) located at the Coast Redwood High School. The Learning Garden provides various learning opportunities for the TK through 5th grades. The TK-1st grades learn about the importance and uses of plants, their different parts and growth process, and how they can be so different as far as smell, sight, and touch. The 2nd grade learns about the needs of the plant, nutrients, diseases, and perennial vegetables. The 3rd grade learns about insects and plant interactions, insect lifecycles, insect collecting, and beneficial flowers. The 4th grade learns about the lifecycles of plants, plant reproduction, plant seeds, and annual vegetables. The 5th grade learns about soil color, texture, and structure, soil improvements, recycling and composting, and cover crops. The TK-5th grades also learn about how light affects plants, the power of seeds, and they even make bee boxes for our native bees.
The Tea Garden provides various learning opportunities for the 6th through 8th grades. The 6th grade learns about how weather affects plants, plant hydrology, water cycles, and drought tolerant tea plants. The 7th grade learns about plant ecology, habitats, eco systems, and perennial tea herbs. The 6th – 8th grades take care of the Tea Garden, they plant endangered native plants, and build garden essentials together.
The CRHS Environmental Horticulture Food Garden provides the following learning opportunities for 9th through 12th grade students:  weekly crop planting, crop rotation, companion planting, nutrients, propagation, pruning, composting, and a mentorship program. The students harvest the food from their garden, cook it, and enjoy it while at school. Their favorite meal with their harvested food is pizza that they make in their Cob Oven.
The following areas were presented in more depth:  life cycles of insects and others, the Charter’s waste diversion program, and their campus beautification program.
There were 1,500 daffodil bulbs donated to the Charter School, allowing each of the students 5 bulbs each to plant throughout the campus. The students are also creating a butterfly sanctuary and have planned a Community Garden Day for October 12th from 2-4pm. The Triangle Project is a triangular-shaped area near the field where the students plan to plant drought tolerant plants due to the lack of water in that area.
The Charter School has also created a Community Seed Library where seeds that the students collect, and others can contribute, are available for students/ families to check out and plant in their own gardens. Through the Seed Library, the students organized the CZU Fire Seed Project of 2024 where they will donate seeds to those that lost homes and vegetation around their property.
The students that were present each took turns sharing their learning experiences and favorite activities working in the various garden areas.

The Environmental Literacy and the SLVUSD Charter Gardens  Presentation is available HERE.
Ms. Fippin, BCE Principal, was excited to welcome the Junior Coaches and Conflict Managers. This year BCE implemented PlayWorks and it has been a great success. The five students present are fourth and fifth grade students out of the sixty-two applicants that applied to be a part of the program. The application process consisted of an essay and an application. The students meet once per month with Ms. Miller, Ms. Chantel Long, and Ms. Katie Parham to talk about what is going on and to discuss different strategies. They work on a rotation schedule. There are five teams; two students on each team, working on both uppers and lowers with the K – third grade students mostly, however they do work with their teammates and grade levels as well. They wear vests and name badges.
Ms. Parham reported that since adopting the PlayWorks Program our Junior Coach/Conflict Manager Program has really been enhanced, which has led to a positive impact on the overall culture at BCE. These students work every day in their teams, leading games, modeling the BCE Way, showing students what it looks like to have fair play in a game, and inviting others to join in the games to make everyone feel included. She stated that she is really proud of the work that they are doing and the positive impact this program and the students have made.
Miss Sierra, fourth grade, talked about the BCE Way, which is being safe, responsible, and respectful. As we continue to share the BCE Way, it spreads to all of the students. She emphasized the importance of the BCE Way.
Miss Coco, fifth grade, spoke of being a Conflict Manager. She said that being a Conflict Manager means that we help kids, not just the little ones, but ourselves also. She explained that they went through a couple days of training and use tools that they wear on a lanyard. Examples of the tools are, “Stop, Walk and Talk”, the problem-solving wheel, as well as other good strategies to help kids solve their problems. She stated that the reason she signed up for the program was so she could learn to help kids so that we can help to make this world a better place.
Ely, fifth grade, reported that he is in his second year as a Conflict Manager. He spoke about the games and not fighting in the games. Some of the encouraging words that are used like, “nice try” and “good job”. He then gave an example of one of the games that is played.
Miss Sage, fifth grade, reported that this is her second year as a Conflict Manager. She spoke about helping kids include each other. She explained that sometimes during recess you might see kids sitting out, however we like to include other kids in our games. When we see kids sitting on the side, we always invite them into our games. Helping to resolve conflicts when they are playing games helps them to include each other. She also gave an example of a resolution that is in the problem-solving wheel of, “I am sorry” and “walk away and let it go”. This helps kids realize that they should be including others even if someone did not behave appropriately in a game they should be given another chance. By helping kids to understand the rules of the game and not say words like “cheated” helps kids understand and learn the games and feel included.
Miss Zoey, fifth grade, also reported that she is in her second year and spoke of solving conflicts. Nobody likes conflicts. After the conflict is over they can go play one of our awesome games. She said that everyone should have fun, instead of arguing, we want laughter, friendship, and community. She said that the reason she wanted to be a Conflict Manager is because she has spent many recesses bored out of her mind, and being a Conflict Manager gives kids who have felt the same way an opportunity to have the time of their lives at school and most importantly have fun.
Ms. Fippin explained that both BCE and SLVE contracted with PlayWorks that provides a group of games and strategies to help with more facilitated play at recess. She explained that BCE has had Conflict Managers for years. However, PlayWorks has Junior Coaches so they merged the two to create Junior Coaches/Conflict Managers using both skill sets so that they get to play and also support the conflicts that may occur.
Ms. McCarthy, Assistant Superintendent-Business, explained that CBEDS is the first Wednesday in October where a snapshot of the student enrollment is captured. She reviewed the “traditional sites” enrollment numbers, by school site, comparing 2022-23 to 2023-24, which reflected a loss of 62 students. The “Charters” enrollment numbers were also reviewed with the comparison to last year.  SLVUSD decreased from 297 to 290 and Ocean Grove increased from 3,028 to 3,215. 

The CBEDS/ADA Projections were reviewed reflecting a projected ADA for 2023-24 of 2019.74. Last year the District stated it was stabilized around 2100 and this year the District is reporting stabilization around 2000. Although the District has experienced a student loss, there has been no deficit spending, due to the prior year funding of ADA.

Other areas reviewed were the declining enrollment-LCFF Funding Loss, Ten-Year CBEDS Trend, and the Future Enrollment Trend.

Other variables briefly discussed were TK/K incoming enrollment, the ELOP Program, and Real Estate trends.

The Enrollment Report is available HERE.
Mr. Lucia, Assistant Superintendent-Human Resources, and Deputy April Skalland presented the School Safety Information.

There is a need for all schools, law enforcement, and emergency response to have a common language around the four different types of emergency commands.

Lieutenant Baldridge of Santa Cruz County explored other County/State emergency response practices and landed on the Idaho Emergency Response as the one that Santa Cruz County would adopt. The Idaho Emergency Response was developed by law enforcement agencies, fire agencies, and local school staff.

There are four actions with new language as follows:
  • Evacuation:  Moving away from a threat INSIDE,
  • Reverse Evacuation:  moving away from a threat OUTSIDE,
  • Hall Check:  DETECT, PROTECT & continue instruction, and
  • Lockdown:  SECURE SPACE for threat of imminent violence (formerly CODE RED).
RUN, HIDE, FIGHT was replaced with MOVE, SECURE, DEFEND.

Schools are no longer using the Red / Green cards as this is a flag indicating someone is inside the room, and going forward, law enforcement staff are the only ones that will be able to clear a classroom after an emergency.

The new Emergency Response System will not be implemented until all districts have been trained. SLVUSD has taken the lead with this and have now trained all District staff with the four actions and revised common language for each action. The next training sessions will include parents and students until everyone has been made aware of the new system.

The District will begin practicing these drills once staff, parents, and students have been trained/informed. It is anticipated that by January 2024 everyone will have the information they need to begin the drills. 
Information will be sent out via parent communication and emergency information will also be posted on the website.

Situational awareness was emphasized as critical. It is very important that people are aware of their situation and are empowered to make decisions for their safety.

The School Safety presentation is available HERE.

Mr. Schiermeyer, Superintendent, reported in regards to the following items during the October 4 Board Meeting: 

The Fall 2023 Queer, Trans, and Allied Student Summit of the Central Coast was held on Saturday, September 30 at Watsonville High School. SLV provided two chaperones and a bus for those interested in attending.
The District is excited to add Student Panels as a way to include more student voice. The first student panel was held at the SLVMS Library on October 4 during lunchtime. Students offered up many suggestions / concerns such as, bleachers in the gym, more hot lunch options, later school start time, more “A” days, a balancing/climbing structure – or something else for middle schoolers to do on campus, as well as a few more suggestions. The next student panel will be held at the high school on Tuesday, October 10.
He also reported in regards to the last Bond Oversight Committee Meeting which was held at the tri-campus, visiting the CTE buildings and the SLVMS remodel project.
Mr. Schiermeyer, Superintendent, reported in regards to the following items during the October 18 Board Meeting:

He attended the CSBA Roadshow at the Santa Cruz County Office of Education with Mr. Becker on Wednesday, October 11th.
He is working with Senator Laird on SB 645 which is a Senate Bill that will enable small school districts to be able to increase their Administrator to staff ratio without receiving a penalty. This will enable small school districts to hire APs at elementary schools to assist with the student behaviors and other impending issues so that the principal can put more focus on the academic area. SLVUSD is providing our Board Room on Friday, November 17th for Senator Laird to hold some group meetings.
The Your Future Is Our Business (YFIOB) Luncheon is scheduled for March 27, 2024 from 11:30am – 1:00pm. Two Board members are able to attend.
There are instructional meetings/rounds coming up soon that the Board members are welcome to attend. The Secondary Instructional Leadership Committee Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, November 8th and the Elementary Instructional Leadership Committee Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November 14th, both from 3:30-5:30pm. The next Instructional Round will be held at SLVHS from 10-12 on Wednesday, October 25th and then one will be held at SLVE from 9-11 on Wednesday, November 15th. Mr. Schiermeyer will email the Board with these dates and times.
SLVUSD CAASPP Testing Update presentation:
Mr. Schiermeyer began by reporting that the CAASPP Test information is now open to the public and provided some important background information. He informed the Board that even though there is not much growth in the test scores, SLVUSD is above the State and County.

District Subgroup Data for Math and ELA were presented followed by the plan within the Instructional Committees, Professional Development, Assessments, and S.A.M. to support student learning to achieve growth.

The English Language Arts/Literacy data was shared in Reading, Writing, Listening, and Research/Inquiry which was followed by the 2023-24 actions implemented to support student learning to achieve growth.

The Mathematics data was shared in the area level descriptors of concepts & procedures, problem solving and modeling & data analysis, and communicating reasoning, with the 2023-24 actions planned for implementation to support student.

Lastly, the CAASPP scores were shared by site for ELA and Math.

Although there has been growth, the test scores are relatively flat across the District. Mr. Schiermeyer reported that the District’s goal is to teach the whole child; to ensure we are looking at Social Emotional, connections, and other variables, as well as the academics. Our District does not over-emphasize one test score; however there is growth to be made.

The SLVUSD CAASPP Testing Update presentation is available HERE.

The Alba Schoolhouse burned down during the CZU Fire.

Mr. Schiermeyer reported that it was previously the Board’s decision to rebuild the Alba Schoolhouse as long as no district funds were spent out of pocket. To date, there has been $66K spent of the insurance money. Mr. Dan Arndt, Director of MOT, presented the information of the work that has been performed for the $66K. The insurance company has informed the District that it will not cover any of the work that is needed to be done underground. The District has a proposal to contract with the Cumming Group to receive an estimate of the costs for the work that is needed for underground at the cost of $20K. The insurance company has paid out $562K and $315K for the architect. The architect has been paid $25K to date for the work rendered. The architect is projecting a cost of $1million or more to rebuild the Alba Schoolhouse. The architect is on hold, Cumming Group is waiting for District to respond, and the insurance company is inquiring as to whether the District will be moving forward or not.

The Board held discussions and determined that they are not prepared to make a decision at this time. They are taking into account the historic significance of the building and the potential for the Alba Community to fundraise for extra funds to pay for any of the work that the insurance company will not cover.

Mr. Schiermeyer will contact the insurance company to inquire if the project is under a timeline.

There was no decision or direction provided to the Superintendent. The Board is on hold with this item at the present time.

The Alba Schoolhouse presentation is available HERE.

By approving Resolution #2023-24-13, the San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District supports and celebrates the accomplishments of LGBTQ+ people in history, encourages all schools to celebrate October as LGBTQ+ History Month, and affirms that all students, regardless of orientation, deserve to feel safe and welcomed at our schools.

Mr. Schiermeyer, Superintendent, stated that we support our LGBTQ+ community and recognize October as LGBTQ+ history month.

The Resolution was unanimously passed by the Board.

Mr. Schiermeyer, Superintendent, reported that October has been designated as College and Career Month. He also directed the Board’s attention to the attached flyer for College and Career Family Night to be held on Monday, October 23.

Supporting College and Career Awareness is in alignment with the District’s Mission Statement

College and Career Family Night FLYER - ENGLISH
College and Career Family Night FLYER - SPANISH

November 12 - 18, 2023
United Against Hate Week is a call for local civic action to stop the hate and implicit biases that are a dangerous threat to the safety and civility of our neighborhoods, towns and cities.

Approval of Architecture Proposal for Athletic Master Plan Development for the San Lorenzo Valley Tri-Campus
On May 5, 2023, the Board of Trustees approved the agreement from Verde Design as one of the architects for the San Lorenzo Valley USD's Field and Sports Complex Project that would be incorporated into the CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) Study for lights.
Verde Design has been working with the District to prepare athletic mastic planning services at the tri-campus for future needs and improvements to support a CEQA Study. They are submitting architecture and planning services proposal for the scope of this project. 
Fund 6:  $59,965
Approval of Proposal from T. Miller Concrete for a Concrete Slab Outside of Student Nutrition Services
Over the summer, the parking lot for SLVE was repaved and restriped. The traffic pattern was changed and new parking spaces were implemented. In order to accomplish this, three garbage dumpsters were relocated to a dirt area outside SNS.
A new concrete slab needs to be installed outside of SNS so the custodians can safely roll their garbage carts close to the dumpsters to unload the trash.
Measure S:  $11,160
Approval of Proposal from A&C Grading for Electrical and HVAC Project at Boulder Creek Elementary School
On April 20, 2022, the Board of Trustees approved the Energy Service Contract with Climatec LLC for various sites. In order to prepare for this project A&C Grading will saw cut the asphalt, excavate a trench for electrical and fire alarm, backfill and compact trench, and apply tack oil and patch back asphalt.
Measure S:  $13,300
Approval of Proposal from A&C Grading for Waste Water Treatment Overhaul Project
As part of the Waste Water Treatment overhaul project, the old liners for the pond system need to be removed and vegetation around the pond needs to be disposed. A&C Grading will stockpile vegetation at pond area, strip and stockpile pond liner, and pull out an oak tree to relocate.
Measure S:  $8,500
Approval of Change Order to Increase T. Miller Concrete and Approval of Proposal from Boynton Fence for Concrete Slab Outside Student Nutrition Services
On October 4, 2022, the Board of Trustees approved the contract for T. Miller Concrete to install a concrete slab for three garbage dumpsters to be relocated outside of Student Nutrition Services (SNS). After construction began, the size of the concrete slab needed to be increased in order to accommodate the three dumpsters and temporary fencing is needed to protect the concrete slab.
T. Miller Concrete Change Order:  $7,052
Boynton Fence:  $5,900

Measure S:  $12,952


SLV has part-time or full-time work. We have several job openings. You can explore SLVUSD job opportunities at www.edjoin.org/slvusd.

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