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Emergency Information

In the event of a school emergency:

DO check the District website for up-to-date information. Information will be posted on the District’s homepage under “District News”.
DO contact the District Office at #336-4022, only if needed.
DO check your emails and have phones available to receive updated information via SchoolMessenger (the District’s “all-call” phone system).
DO listen to the radio or watch the news for updates.

…Contact your child
…Go to the school, unless instructed to do so
…Call the school

The safety of our children and staff is the utmost priority for San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District. It is critical for our parent/guardian community to know what to do to in the event of a school emergency. Please take some time now to read the following information prior to an emergency event so that you are better prepared:
  • There are a few “DON’TS” DURING an emergency that are briefly mentioned in the document above, “DURING AN EMERGENCY – Information for Parents”. This document will explain the reasons for those DON’TS. Please read this document for those clarifications:
Emergency Response and Crisis Management (ERCM) Manual
The Emergency Response and Crisis Management (ERCM) Manual was produced by the "Safe Schools Consortia" which is comprised of local fire and law enforcement agencies, Office of Emergency Services Health Services Agency, the Red Cross, Emergency Communications Center (911), and representatives from the ten Santa Cruz County school districts and the Santa Cruz County Office Education (SCCOE). Through this collaborative effort, the Safe Schools Consortia established updated procedures in four critical areas of school emergency management:  mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.
All school districts in the Santa Cruz County follow the emergency guidelines referenced in the ERCM Manual. For further information, please reference the EMERGENCY RESPONSE/CRISIS MANAGEMENT Manual.
The following document reflects the immediate actions taken in the event of one of the following types of lockdowns:  "Shelter in Place", "General" Lockdown, and a "Code Red" Lockdown.
LOCKDOWN PROTOCOLS - Information for Parents/Guardians
Emergency Closings

Safety for all children is one of the District’s top priorities. Under some circumstances, schools cannot open or is forced to close schools early due to loss of utilities (water, heat, and/or electricity), severe weather, or dangerous road conditions. When this happens, the District will contact the Santa Cruz County Office of Education (SCCOE) and they will contact the local radio and television stations. The radio and television stations will broadcast spot announcements as often as possible. The District will also activate the Emergency All-Call System, which will require a working telephone number.
Please find the document below for parents / guardians to keep handy in the event of a school closure or emergency situation.
Independent Study During School Closures
In the event of a school closure due to unforeseen circumstances, independent study will be available to any student who wishes to participate. This is a voluntary program and not required. Students attending SLV Middle School, SLV High School, Coast Redwood High School or Nature Academy can access and work on any assignments and coursework through Schoology. Elementary students can work on reading leveled books, journal writing and/or math fluency.
Power Outages
In the unfortunate event of a power outage at one (or more) of the schools in the district, the regular phone lines will not be operational. Each school site, including the District Office, has at least one hard-wired phone that will work. Please refer to the listing below for the telephone number that will work in the event of a power outage.
Boulder Creek Elementary School
SLV Elementary School
SLV Middle School
SLV High School
SLV Charter School - QH Campus
SLV District Office