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Flyer Approval Process

All flyers (this includes posters) intended for students from outside organizations must be approved by the Superintendent’s Office. Please read this information to understand the requirements and process for all “Flyer Approval Requests”. A form MUST be completed and submitted with each flyer that is being requested for approval. Please read all of the instructions for the process carefully. PLEASE ALLOW ONE WEEK FOR ALL REQUESTS. The Superintendent’s Office will notify you of the decision via email.
  • The outside group or organization MUST be a non-profit.
  • Scholarships MUST be available and indicated on the flyer (if appropriate to announcement)
  • The function/event MUST be school related whose objective and functions are within the purposes of public education and provide benefit to students/families and not be in conflict with current SLV programs, i.e., public recreation programs, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, 4-H, Little League, etc.
  • All flyers intended for SLV students from outside organizations MUST be approved by the Superintendent’s Office.
  • It is highly recommended to provide a Spanish translation for our Spanish speaking parents.
  • Flyers from outside organizations are no longer distributed to students and/or blurbs inserted into the electronic school newsletters – the electronic newsletters are for district and school-sponsored events ONLY
  • Banners for outside organizations are no longer permitted—ONLY school related banners will be permitted
  • Approved flyers may also be made available in the school offices
  • Approved flyers/posters may be posted (in specified areas) at the school sites
The District has created a “Community Opportunities” google website that contains all “approved” flyers. This website is broken into groups for the various organizations, such as Boy/Girl Scouts, Local Events, Arts-Drama-Theater, Community Service, Sports, etc. All “approved” flyers will be posted using the date of the event (when appropriate) and the title of their flyer. A “link” will be provided to the “Community Opportunities” website at the end of each electronic school newsletter for the parents/students to access for community information and events. ALL flyers MUST be submitted in pdf format.
If you have further questions or concerns regarding this process, please contact the Executive Assistant to the Superintendent at [email protected] or 336-5194. Thank you!
To access and complete the “Flyer Request Approval Form”, please see below:
Once you have submitted your request, please allow one week for notification. (Please note that occasionally this process takes longer than one week due to the Superintendent's schedule.) The Superintendent’s Office will contact you to let you know if the flyer has been approved and posted.
PLEASE NOTE:  Flyers that are intended for staff only are not required to be approved by the Superintendent's Office.
Thank You!