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Please reference the appropriate Bus Route Information below for bus stop locations and approximate pick-up times.
2022/23 BUS ROUTES (Below)
The SLVUSD Transportation Department Team has worked tirelessly to ensure all of our bus routes can remain open with limited staff. However, with the loss of a bus driver over the summer and the recent loss of an additional bus driver, we are unable to cover all routes. We have attempted to recruit bus drivers, even reaching out to outside services such as Michael's Transportation for drivers, with no success at this time.
Due to the lack of drivers, we temporarily closed the "SWAN" bus route. Unfortunately, due to the recent loss of an additional driver we will need to temporarily close the "SQUIRREL" bus route beginning Monday, August 22, 2022. The SQUIRREL bus route services South Felton to Forest Lakes. Once we are able to secure additional bus drivers, or an outside organization is able to provide us with a driver, bus routes will be reinstated.
We understand that this is a hardship for those families that depend on bus transportation. We want you to know that the District is doing all that we can to be able to reinstate the SWAN and SQUIRREL bus routes. Any fees paid for the SWAN and SQUIRREL bus routes will be refunded.
Together with the current construction occurring on our campuses, road work happening throughout the Valley, the temporary cancellation of the SWAN and SQUIRREL bus routes, and Kindergarten now being full-day, access to and from the school campuses may be more congested. Please allow for additional time in dropping off and/or picking up your student from school campuses. Please be patient and remain positive with your fellow driver and our limited staff as we work to provide a safe drop-off and pick-up environment for your students.
For information about bus routes, purchasing bus passes, and general transportation information, please contact the Transportation Department at 831-336-2223.
If your child is eligible to ride the school bus, there will be a fee imposed for transportation to and from school. This fee is being charged to help maintain the present level of transportation provided by the district.
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Annual Passes:  Annual passes will be available at a cost of $220.00 round trip and $116.00 one way

Semiannual Passes:  Semiannual passes will be available at a cost of $116.00 round trip and $58.00 one way

Tickets:  Ticket books will be available at a cost of $20 for a book of 20 tickets.

Handicapped:  Students designated severely handicapped by an Individual Education Program (IEP) Team are exempt from transportation fees.

Financial Hardship:  In cases of financial hardship wherein a family receives county assistance for their children, the parents may apply for free transportation. The parents will be requested to complete an application (FORM T-3), we will need proof from the county in the month you apply for a bus pass, and if the student qualifies, a free pass will be issued.

Bus Pass Renewal:  Semi-annual passes will expire at the end of the school semester. Students whose passes are not renewed 10 days after the pass expiration, may be denied transportation.

Lost Passes:  When a pass is lost, the parent shall notify the Transportation Office and a duplicate pass will be issued at a cost of $1.00.

Safety, Student Behavior, and Discipline:  It is important that students realize that riding a school bus is a privilege, not a right. Bus riding privileges will be revoked when serious misconduct occurs or when minor infractions occur repeatedly. Students will be instructed in safe bus riding practices and it is imperative, for safety sake, that they comply with the bus rules and the driver’s instructions. There will be no bus refunds for students who lose their riding privileges for disciplinary reasons.

Lost Articles:  To avoid losses, PLEASE LABEL ALL JACKETS, SWEATERS, BACKPACKS, etc. If an item is lost, please check with the bus driver.

Returned checks will be subject to a $35 service charge.

For more information regarding fees, routes and services please call the Transportation Department at (831) 336-2223.
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