Google Selects SLVMS to be a GenYES Program

SLVMS has been selected by Google as one of ten schools to be sponsored and to participate in the GenYES Program. The GenYES Program is all about turning students into Student Tech Leaders (STLs) in order to become proficient with creative digital tools, to become lead-learners and mentors to students and teachers, and to create messaging for school events and digital citizenship. In the process, these students will have the opportunity to become experts in the applications they use today to create their presentations and more advanced tools and techniques to create presentations in the future; including Digital Graphics, Video, Animation, Web Publishing, Multimedia Presentations and more. As one of ten schools to be sponsored by Google, this is a great opportunity for our students.
The class is taught by Mikey Henderson, the CTE Teacher for the San Lorenzo Valley High School, and held in the SLVMS MakerSpace and Computer Lab twice a week. Art students, "techies", students interested in community service, gifted students, and students who have IEPs, all make excellent choices for STLs. Participants can earn certifications that can be part of a portfolio to prepare them for college and career. This certification will be worth highlighting in their student portfolios and future applications to summer and college programs.

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Source: Vickie Bergquist, Exec Asst to Sup