On Monday, May 25, California will resume 2020 Census work in areas that do not receive mail at their home residence.  These include households that only receive mail at a PO Box. Residences that do not receive mail at their physical address are referred to as Update Leave (UL) areas. In Santa Cruz County this is the area of Mount Hermon and Brookdale. 

In keeping with COVID-19 social distancing best practices, Census employees will be provided face masks, gloves and hand sanitizer for use while dropping off packets in Update Leave areas. Employees have also been instructed to not knock or ring the doorbell, but instead will simply leave the packet on the doorstep of the residence. Each packet contains:

  • A paper Census questionnaire with Census ID
  • Census phone number to take the Census with a live person over the phone
  • www.my2020census.gov web address to respond to the Census online

We will have enumerators in the field conducting UL starting this Monday.  They will be dropping off packets to housing units predominately in rural areas of California. 

Source: Vickie Bergquist, Exec. Asst. to Superintendent