Annual Art Contest Winners

The Valley Women’s Club, in cooperation with the Monterey Bay Air Resources District, wants to create awareness of the poor winter air quality in SLV by encouraging all residents to be careful when using wood stoves, and to burn cleanly so that we can reduce smoke and protect SLV’s air quality. This is the fifth year that the SLV school district has participated in this Art Contest to help bring about this awareness.

Supervisor Bruce McPherson announced the winners for each grade level, as well as the overall Art Contest winner and presented the awards. The following were also present to assist with the presentation of awards:  David Frisbey, Planning and Air Monitoring Manager, Monterey Bay Air Resources District, Nancy Macy, Valley Women’s Club, Environmental Committee Chairperson, JM Brown, Supervisor McPherson’s Analyst, and Jennifer Parks, Valley Women’s Club, Member of Environmental Committee. Ann O’Rourke, Executive Assistant/Outreach Coordinator, Monterey Bay Air Resources District, was also an integral part of the organization of this contest, however, she was not able to be in attendance for the actual event.

The winners celebrated follow:

K-3 Grades    1st Place          Nicolas Mangine, 3rd grade, BCE

                        2nd Place         Mads Drabicki, 2nd grade, Fall Creek Charter

                        3rd Place          Alessandra Chapman, 1st grade, SLVE

4-6 Grades     1st Place          Madalyn Fernandes, 4th grade, SLVE

                        2nd Place         Phoenix Snow Shiva, 6th grade, QHIA-Charter

                        3rd Place          Sierra Underhill, 5th grade, BCE

7-8 Grades     1st Place          Lily Lonsdale, 8th grade, CRMS-Charter

                        2nd Place         Lauren Doyle, 8th grade, QHIA-Charter

                        3rd Place          Gloria Howe, 7th grade, QHIA-Charter

9-12 Grades   1st Place          Lilith Romig, 11th grade, SLVHS

                        2nd Place         Sandy Monowitz, 9th grade, SLVHS

                        3rd Place          Emmilia Steiger, 9th grade, SLVHS

 OVERALL WINNER              Lila Arrasjid, 9th grade, SLVHS 

All of these talented students were in attendance and were excited to receive their awards. Pictures were taken and the students were celebrated.

The student artwork was outstanding and will be on display on the first floor of the County Building, 701 Ocean Street, Santa Cruz, from December 1st through December 30th.

Annual Art Contest Grand Prize Winner, Lili Arrasjid

Grand Prize Winner - Lili Arrasjid, 9th Grade, SLVHS


The Art Award Winners with Supervisor McPherson

All of the Art Contest Winners with Supervisor McPherson and David Frisbey of Monterey Bay Air Resources District.


Source: Vickie Bergquist, Exec. Asst. to Superintendent