"We are SLV" Awards

At the regularly scheduled Board Meeting of May 15th, 2019, Mr. Will Guilford, was honored and celebrated for his work with SLV middle and high school students.

Dr. Bruton, Superintendent, announced that she had nominated Mr. Will Guilford and proceeded to read what was written on the nomination form as follows, "We all know Mr. Guilford's work with our theater and drama instruction, both at the middle school and at the high school. But, he really does much more than that..." 

A mom of a cast member states, "I just wanted to tell you my daughter is in the chorus ensemble and she has had a hard time adjusting to the high school. She is shy and has a hard time making friends. She signed up to be part of "Mamma Mia!" and we cannot believe she is even doing it. It is not just the singing and dancing, it is a whole change of attitude about going to school."

The drama program connects kids to each other and to school - A member of Rotary said, "I have seen "Mamma Mia!" in New York, LA and once in Chicago at professional theaters and I think the SLV High School production was every bit as good and so much more fun. For a small town and small school district, this district does so many amazing things."

The drama program is a celebration of the talents, abilities, work ethic, and responsibility that reflects well on all of us. Mr. Guilford himself says, "I may not be the best teacher or director, but if I am strong at anything, it is casting, bringing people together, and feeling what an audience wants, needs, craves from a performance. Indeed, they desire to be entertained, but just as importantly, as the ancient Greeks believed, we all need to emote, to feel, to be cathartic. I do not know about you, but "Slipping Through My Fingers and The Winner Takes it All" had me emoting."

Perhaps that is why we love Mr. Guilford and the many, many, many students who participate in the plays and performances; he helps us smile, reflect, and relate to each other. We are so very proud to have you in SLV.


Will Received his award
Will Guilford receives his "We are SLV" Award
We are SLV Award at Board Meeting
From left to right (front row):  Gail Levine, Will Guilford, Laurie Bruton
(back row):  Jacqui Rice, Mark Becker, Laura Dolson, George Wylie
Source: Vickie Bergquist, Exec. Asst. to Superintendent