"We are SLV" Awards

At the regularly scheduled Board Meeting of May 1st, 2019, Mr. Rob Lahey, Mr. Bruce Siegel, and Mr. Eric Silva, all SLVHS Math Teachers, were honored and celebrated for their work with SLV high school students.

Dr. Bruton, Superintendent, stated that there was a bit of an argument as to who would be able to nominate these three outstanding individuals. Ms. Bodenheimer, Assistant Superintendent-Instruction, was given this honor. Dr. Bruton commented that these three epitomize what this award stands for; creativity, innovation, and going "above and beyond" to make a difference. She went on to read what Ms. Bodenheimer wrote on the nomination form, “Rob, Bruce and Eric have created and implemented an after-school Math Intervention Program, using standards mastery, to support student achievement. They have put a great deal of time into creating a model that fosters success for students, and also utilizes peer tutors. They are keeping track of student progress using a simple rubric for mastery/ not mastered yet. One of the strengths of their program is that students can master standards on their own time schedules, and they can have repeated attempts to show their mastery. Students are finding the success very motivating, and the enthusiasm and positive attitude is transferring to the classroom environment as well. These math teachers need to be commended for their hard work and belief that students can succeed. They are not giving up on students and they are not letting students fail!”

Dr. Bruton, Superintendent, who presented them with their awards, added, “These three are heroes, not afraid to be innovative and depart from the way that things are usually done.”

3 teachers receiving their awards

Dr. Bruton, Superintendent, shakes Rob Lahey's hand as she presents him with the "We are SLV" Award. Next to Rob Lahey is Eric Silva and Bruce Siegel.

three teachers receiving award

Left to right:  Eric Silva, Rob Lahey, Bruce Siegel

Superintendent, board and award recipients

From left to right - back row:  Mr. George Wylie, Board President, Bruce Siegel, SLVHS Math Teacher, Eric Silva, SLVHS Math Teacher, Rob Lahey, SLVHS Math Teacher, Mark Becker, Trustee, Laura Dolson, Trustee

From left to right - front row:  Jacqui Rice, Board Clerk, Dr. Laurie Bruton, Superintendent, Gail Levine, Trustee


Source: Vickie Bergquist, Exec. Asst. to Superintendent