On January 31, 2019, Tamera Smith, the Art Teacher at SLVMS and SLVHS, provided a fun, hands-on art training session! In this session, "Identity and Process:  The Life Sized Portrait", teachers learned about portraits in Art History. The teachers used a variety of media to create their own life-sized teacher portrait. All of the teachers that attended were provided with the materials and the lesson plan to be able to teach this lesson in their own classrooms.
The following teachers attended: Heather Odegard, Lani Egbert, Helena Purtscher, Daniel Brenner, and Georgie Purtscher.
Looks like everyone had FUN while LEARNING something new to SHARE with their STUDENTS!
Heather Odegard
Lani Egbert
Helena Purtscher
Mr. Daniel Brenner
Georgie Purtscher
Source: Debi Bodenheimer, Assistant Superintendent