August 5, 2020

Dear Parents, Family and Friends,

Greetings to all and I hope that you are healthy and happy. As we prepare for the beginning of the 2020-21 school year, I want to provide you with some needed information about the beginning of school schedule, as well as the daily online schedule.

Beginning of the School Introduction & Welcome


August 11 SLVMS & SLVHS Individual student schedules will be distributed to students who have completed the registration process 
August 11 BCE & SLVE Class schedules will be posted at the school
August 13 School Orientations Each school will distribute the schedule for parents & students
August 14 Online Training Schedules from school site - based on the age level
August 17 - 21
Parent Conferences
Material Distribution
Each school to distribute schedule
August 24 Daily School Schedule Begins Daily Schedule Attached
August 31 Monday Specials Begin See Attached Schedule


Please contact me if you have questions about the schedule. The school offices are open and you may go to the school for assistance or call your child’s school office:

Boulder Creek Elementary School                  338-6413

SLV Elementary School                                   335-4475

SLV Middle School                                          335-4452

SLV High School                                              335-4425

SLV Charter School                                         335-0932


Bring Your Own Technology or Check it Out

While the district advises parents to purchase a laptop for their student(s), we are aware that this may not be the right time to make purchases. SLV will be checking out Chromebooks to all students who need one for school work. Each school will establish a time for distribution and the check out of all materials, including Chromebooks. If you would like information regarding Technology and the “Bring Your Own Device” Program, please click on the link provided below:



YMCA Camp Programs / Childcare

SLVUSD, in partnership with the YMCA, will be providing three options starting August 17th for families who may need support during the day through a Camp-style program for ages TK through 8th grade. Although an overview is provided below, the YMCA will be providing additional details, as well as an FAQ. 

  • Option #1: 8am-1pm – Academic Support ($135 PER WEEK)
  • Option #2: 1pm-6pm – Enrichment Support ($135 PER WEEK)
  • Option #3: 8am-6pm – All Day Support ($270 PER WEEK)

 YMCA is looking at six (6) cohort opportunities of twelve (12) students each.  Each cohort will run for 3 weeks at a time.  One (1) cohort will be held for TK-1st grade students at SLVE.  The other five (5) cohorts will be held at Camp Campbell in Boulder Creek.

SLVUSD will be providing free bus transportation from the Tri-campus SLVE parking lot to Camp Campbell.  Students will be required to be transported in the same cohort.

  • Option #1: 8am-1pm – Health Check 7:30am - 7:45am, bus leaves at 7:45am, bus returns to SLVE parking lot at 1:50pm
  • Option #2: 1pm-6pm – Health Check 12:30pm - 12:45pm, bus leaves at 12:45pm (parents pick up students at Camp Campbell in the evening)
  • Option #3: 8am-6pm – Health Check 7:30am - 7:45am, bus leaves at 7:45am (parents pick up students at Camp Campbell in the evening)

SLVUSD Food Services will provide an opportunity for families to enroll their students in a daily breakfast and lunch program while participating in the YMCA program.  


SLVUSD Food Service Begins

Starting Thursday, August 13th, SLVUSD Food Services will be providing meals (breakfast and lunch) to students.  The meals will be distributed at two district locations - Tri-Campus Cafeteria (SLVE parking lot) and the BCE parking lot.  The meals with be provided every Tuesday and Thursday from 11:30am – 1:30pm. The Tuesday pick-up will provide meals for Tuesday and Wednesday.  The Thursday pick-up will provide meals for Thursday, Friday, and Monday.

At this time, the National School Meal Program will not allow us to provide meals at no cost to students unless the family applies for the Free and Reduced Meal Program and qualifies. You can apply for free and reduced lunch through our on-line application HERE.

For questions - please contact Alisia Munoz-Rojas at [email protected] or 831-335-5384.

For the families that are not on the Free and Reduced Meal Program, students may still participate in both the bus stop or pick-up meals based on fee chart below.








All Meals (2)


All Meals(3)


All Meals



















For your convenience, SLVUSD is considering student meal pick-up at various bus stop locations throughout the district starting August 24th.  Please complete the following survey to provide input regarding your food service needs. Additional information will be provided once the survey is reviewed.



Opportunity for Student Furniture

Do you need a student desk and/or chair for your child?  The Maintenance Department will be on site at Redwood Elementary School Campus on Wednesday, August 12th and Thursday, August 13th between 10am – 2pm to provide available used student desks and chairs. For questions, please contact Dan Arndt, MOT Director, at 831-336-9679 or [email protected].

     Redwood Elementary School Campus

     16900 North Highway 9

     Boulder Creek, CA

As always, wishing you a peaceful start to the school year. Together we can make this a successful year for students and parents.


Source: Vickie Bergquist, Exec. Asst. to Superintendent