Dear  SLV Family,

It is with much disappointment that I need to inform you about an incident reported to me by Sheriff Hart last night.  On Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2019, a teacher from San Lorenzo Valley High School was arrested and charged with lewd and lascivious acts against a child PC 288 (B)(1). Please know that our hearts go out to any student or person who is the subject of violence or abuse at the hands of another. As a school district we are committed to keeping students safe at school and throughout our community.

It is our understanding from the information provided by the Santa Cruz Sheriff’s Department that the arrest was based on an incident that occurred in a non-school related activity. Be sure to check that your after-school childcare is operated by a licensed childcare provider. SLVUSD  partners with the YMCA, who is accredited by the state, to offer after-school care at BCE and Quail Hollow.

The above employee was immediately placed on unpaid compulsory leave pending the outcome of the legal proceedings. This employee will not be returning to the SLV schools at this time. All school employees are required to undergo fingerprinting that is processed through the Department of Justice (DOJ) before they are hired by the district. The DOJ notifies school districts of all previous arrests and convictions. The District is also notified if the employee is arrested or charged with a crime after employment. This initial background check and follow up reporting by DOJ enables school districts to screen and monitor their employees. SLVUSD has an outstanding relationship with the Santa Cruz Sheriff’s Department. Sheriff Hart was quick to inform the district of the accusations and subsequent arrest.

I  encourage you to talk with your children about this issue as is appropriate for their ages. Children care deeply, feel deeply, and have a strong sense of right and wrong from a very young age. Please keep the lines of communication open and encourage your children to tell you when they are frightened or worried. Encourage your children to report any person that makes them feel uncomfortable or who has harmed them.

The SLV staff is committed to providing the best learning opportunity possible for every student in our schools. We are committed to maintaining a safe learning environment where students can grow and learn without fear. Thank you for your ongoing support of the SLV schools and staff. Please contact me with questions or concerns. (831-336-5195)


Laurie Bruton

Source: Vickie Bergquist, Exec. Asst. to Superintendent