"We are SLV" Awards

Mr. Schiermeyer, Deputy Superintendent, stated that “Manny” was nominated for this award by Ms. Sharon Silva and himself, that he is a tremendous worker and goes “above and beyond” the call of his position. Mr. Schiermeyer then read from the nomination form as follows, “Manuel Camacho consistently goes above and beyond to make himself available to the District. Manuel has covered custodial needs at all school sites and is always willing to lend a helping hand. He delivers lunches with a smile and warm greeting. Manuel is reliable, has an excellent work ethic, and a positive attitude.”

Mr. Schiermeyer went on to say that he offered to help train two of our new custodians on how to use certain equipment, that he researched special equipment and made recommendations to the District, which created positive change. Manuel is always willing to help cover someone when there is a need and even over the summertime is willing to do what he can to help out.

Dr. Bruton, Superintendent, added, “he is a cooperative, helpful employee in the school district and always has a smile.”

Mr. Camacho was presented with the “We Are SLV” Award and the Board celebrated this recognition.

Chris Schiermeyer speaking about Manuel Camacho

Mr. Schiermeyer, Deputy Superintendent, recognizing Mr. Manuel Camacho, SNS Custodian.

Mr. Camacho with Board Members Picture

From Left to Right:  Mr. Becker, Trustee, Mr. Camacho, SNS Custodian, Ms. Rice, Board Clerk, Ms. Levine, Trustee, Mr. Wylie, Board President, and Ms. Dolson, Trustee.


Source: Vickie Bergquist, Exec. Asst. to Superintendent