"We are SLV" Awards

At the regularly scheduled Board Meeting on March 6, 2019, the following two staff members received recognition for going "Above and Beyond" using kindness, intelligence, knowledge, humor and more, in their daily work to serve students in San Lorenzo Valley.
Margaret Zavaroni, Administrative Assistant at Boulder Creek Elementary, was nominated by Ms. Denise Fosburgh, Principal-BCE. Ms. Fosburgh wrote, "ask anyone at BCE who the "go to" person is and they will tell you it is Margaret. Her compassion, intelligence and sense of humor help her excel not only at her "formal" job as Admin Assistant, but in her unofficial capacity as staff counselor, confidant, and keeper of all obscure information."
Ms. Lynn Chappell, Human Resources Director, who presented the award, also stated that Margaret was one of her best hires when she was still the Principal at Boulder Creek Elementary School.
Lynn Chappell & Margaret Zavaroni
From left to right:
Lynn Chappell, HR Director, Margaret Zavaroni, Administrative Assistant-BCE
Margaret Zavaroni receiving her award from Board and Admin (pictured)
From left to right:
Jacqui Rice, Board Clerk, Gail Levine, Trustee, Laura Dolson, Trustee, Lynn Chappell, HR Director, Mark Becker, Trustee, Margaret Zavaroni, Administrative Assistant-BCE, George Wylie, Board President, Dr. Laurie Bruton, Superintendent
Sarah Dahlen, District Nurse, was nominated by Ms. Shannon Calden, Principal-SLVMS. Ms. Calden wrote, "Sarah is everywhere at once -- a whirling dervish of kindness and knowledge. She is integral in making sure our students' health needs are covered - both in school and out. Our students are healthier because Nurse Sarah is around!"
Ms. Calden stated that when Ms. Ruskin, the former District Nurse retired, she panicked wondering where we would ever find someone to replace her, but we did. When we found Sarah, we found an amazing person. She even takes time to care for our adults!
Ms. Bodenheimer, Assistant Superintendent-Instruction, who presented the award, also stated that Sarah was very helpful with the California Healthy Youth Act. She also helped to implement the curriculum that supports the California Healthy Youth Act.
Debi Bodenheimer, Sarah Dahlen, Shannon Calden
From left to right:
Debi Bodenheimer, Assistant Superintendent-Instruction, Sarah Dahlen, District Nurse, and Shannon Calden, SLVMS Principal
Sarah Dahlen Receiving her award from the Board of Trustees (pictured)
From left to right:
Jacqui Rice, Board Clerk, Gail Levine, Trustee, Mark Becker, Trustee, Sarah Dahlen, District Nurse, Laura Dolson, Trustee, George Wylie, Board President
Sarah Dahlen and her husband
Sarah Dahlen and her husband
Source: Vickie Bergquist, Exec. Asst. to Superintendent