Distance Learning / Family Resources




The staff of SLVUSD is committed to assisting and providing learning opportunities and options for every family. During times of uncertainty, it is important to understand that each of us may need flexibility in order to support the needs of our children and family. SLVUSD will continue to be a partner in learning for all students.

SLVUSD is committed to providing a substantive Continued Learning Plan with resources to support students and families. We are focused on balancing online systems, engaging activities, and routine schedules that support learning for all students.

Elementary Schools
Boulder Creek Elementary and San Lorenzo Valley Elementary schools provide online learning to make vital connections to school and teachers. Individual classrooms post lessons and assignments based on state grade level standards. Teachers will utilize online platforms like Google Classroom, Seesaw and Zoom to teach active learning lessons. Students will have access to direct instruction in reading, writing, math, science and social studies. Activities in art, music, physical education, social emotional learning are also offered.

Online resources are available by content areas in a menu of choices for teachers and parents to utilize. Teachers in SLV recognize that low tech and no tech options are also important for student development. All learning schedules include active participation, outdoor activities and hands-on learning.

Secondary Schools
San Lorenzo Valley Middle and San Lorenzo Valley High schools provide detailed Continued Learning Plans. Lessons and assignments are posted on the Learning Management System Schoology. Each class plan has a designated "Class Schoology Page" that is designed for easy access for students and parents. Each class includes a variety of lessons and activities for students. Online assignments are closely aligned to the lessons and requirements of a regular school day.

The use of Schoology, GoGuardian, and a suite of online resources make up the structure of each course. Lessons on YouTube, Video and Zoom conferencing create learning spaces for students. Teachers may hold large group, small group or one-to-one meetings with students. Online resources are available for students and families.

Charter Schools
SLV Charter serves K-12 students in nine programs designed for the unique learning interests in charter education. Coast Redwood High School and Middle School offer a Homeschool/in class hybrid for 6th -12th grade. Fall Creek Homeschool and Quail Hollow Integrated Arts proved a seat based middle school option for students. All SLV Charter programs offer online options and posted assignments as part of the Continued Learning Plan. For more information please click HERE

The Santa Cruz County Office of Education's Instructional Services has created a location for Online Family Resources which includes grade appropriate learning in multiple subject materials, fun activities, health and well being, along with many more sites. to access and explore these links, click HERE